Bite Out Coin - Rick

Card Fan to Hat

Color Changing Pencil Case

Double Production Box

Rainbow House

The Stiff Rope

Cups and Balls

Sponge Ball to Bunny

The Dove Pan

Giant Appearing Wand - Eddie

Magic Flower Pot

Comedy Zipper Banana

The Square Circle - Steve

Dagger Chest - Amazing Andrew

Vanishing Soda Bottle

The Guillotine

The Appearing Cane

Mouth Coils

Morph Card

The Amazing Dream Bag

The Fire Wallet

Here is the perfect card


This video Features Magicians Tom Payton

Click the Arrow in the

The Bongo Hat

Sawing Illusion - Jennie Cupcakes

The Magic Tricks Shown in

By the time he was

Rick continues to perform stand-up

2017 is the 37th anniversary

Here Are Our World Famous


Rick Saphire on TV in

Rick Saphire and the Stars!


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